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Frequently Asked Questions

What`s the cost of your service for the Well-Connected?
There`s no such cost. We don`t charge our Well-Connected members any monthly fee or commission on the
resulting sales. However, we are selective in accepting applicants and may remove inactive ones at our discretion.
What`s the cost of your service for the companies posting Opportunities?
The business posting the opportunities pay a nominal monthly listing fee of of $50 and 10% of the payments to the Well-Connected.
Who pays the commissions and referral fees?
ForWellConnected.com is online platform which facilitates direct agreements between businesses and Well-Connected. The obligation to pay the commissions and referral fees resits with the businesses which posted the Opportunities.
Do Opportunities include salaries or benefits?
ForWellConnected.com is a platform designed to help well-connected individuals capitalize on their connection by providing corporate lobbying services, it`s not a platform for posting regular sales positions. Participating individuals may earn high commissions without any cap on their earnings but all earnings are proportionate to their sales.
Would participating companies reimburse my direct expenses?
The usual commission on ForWellConnected.com is between 20 and 25 per cent, which is often more than half of the profit margin on the service, therefore companies expect Well-Connected facilitators to absorb all minor costs, like traveling or communications.
Is ForWellConnected.com affiliated with any participating Companies.
ForWellConnected.com is a part of KMGi Group and lists services of several of companies which form KMGi Group. KMGi is a leading provider of online solutions, internationally acclaimed since 1997, see kmgi.com